Who is my neighbor?

On Saturday I experienced a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. After spending the morning doing various things to serve our downtown community, members of our church went out and invited everyone they met to have lunch with us. Many came.

The independence of Science

"Without sin there would be no state, and apart from sin there would have been no Christian church, but there would have been science. To that extent, science is on the same level as marriage and family, both of which similarly have undergone significant alterations as a result of sin. But both of these, had … Continue reading The independence of Science

Embracing our creatureliness

Technology is the attempt to overcome the limitations of our creatureliness. Technologies like the telephone, the car, and the internet attempt to transcend distance. Other technologies attempt to overcome time. There's much good that has come from the technological developments on the last one hundred years. I'm not, after all, particularly eager to take my … Continue reading Embracing our creatureliness

Chilling | Animal-Human Hybrid Embryos for Research Purposes

I was reading this BBC News website this morning when I came upon a little paragraph buried in a story about whether the British Government would allow human tissue donated to medical science to be used to clone embryos for research purposes. I find that disturbing in the extreme. Then I read this: On Thursday, it emerged … Continue reading Chilling | Animal-Human Hybrid Embryos for Research Purposes