The Bible and America – Five Guiding Principles

America is having problems with the Bible at the moment. Political liberals and conservatives seem to be cherry picking verses in order to justify their own assumptions. In just over a week there have been marches against the inauguration of Donald Trump, for the rights of women, for the sanctity of human life, and against … Continue reading The Bible and America – Five Guiding Principles

the seriousness and the joy of worship

Pastoral Prayer – January 15, 2017 Gracious and Ever-living God Thank you for welcoming us into your presence and meeting us in your Word and prayer. We come into your presence claiming the merits of Christ alone and thank you that He is both our ransom and our surety—reconciling us to you. We thank you … Continue reading the seriousness and the joy of worship

The cruelty of heresy

The Anglican Fitzsimmons Allison wrote a beautifully-titled book, The Cruelty of Heresy. I haven't read it, but the title is bewitching. It captures the moral character of heresy as well as its deleterious on true faith. We tend to think of heresy as simply "unconventional beliefs" or "incorrect beliefs." For others, heresy is simply about power. They … Continue reading The cruelty of heresy

Salvation, sacraments, and Sunday sports

I wrote yesterday about how churches need to consider contemporary realities in the way we schedule our programs. In other words: the time, energy, and gifts and resources of families has changed significantly over the last twenty years. If churches fail to take these shifting realities seriously then our ministry will become less effective. It … Continue reading Salvation, sacraments, and Sunday sports