Analog in an a digital age

Many of us find ourselves drawn to every new Apple product released--they've been coming pretty rapidly too. I blush to admit how happy I was when I got this MacBook Air to replace my five year old MacBook with the shorted power connection that made it effectively a desk top. Journalist Gordon Martin harbors no … Continue reading Analog in an a digital age

Goals are no good without this…

In ministry (or any other type of leadership) there are three horizons that must simultaneously be monitored: vision, people, and structures. Vision is the direction and purpose, communally discerned, towards which the church or organization is both pointing and traveling. People includes both those who are currently members, those who are in leadership, those who … Continue reading Goals are no good without this…

Five reasons the church should care about the arts

The evangelical church must make significant progress in valuing and embracing the arts. This is the case both because the arts are inherently valuable (they're valuable because of what they are as well as what they do) and because the arts play a critical role in the formation of culture.

Five questions to ask before starting a project

We all want to do things with excellence--in our work, in our relationships, in life. I don't think any of us is really interested in getting by with the minimum of effort and the minimum return. We may be doing it, but if that's the case I'm also pretty sure that somewhere deep inside we … Continue reading Five questions to ask before starting a project

Which books changed your life?

What was your Hortensius? What one (or more) books had a significant influence on you early in your life? In Confessions Augustine recounts a significant juncture in his spiritual journey. He writes, "...I came to a book by Cicero, whose eloquence, if not his thoughts, is admired by all. But this book of his contains … Continue reading Which books changed your life?