The decline of worship

Those of us who think, read, and write about religion in America often go round and round about the reasons for the decline of church attendance, both in mainline churches

How to make change that matters

Start with resolve In the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry, there comes a point where we’re told, “he turned his face towards Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51-56). It’s a statement

Dealing with church bullies

A bully is someone who “habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those they see as vulnerable.” Perhaps surprisingly to many, churches are not immune to the threat of bullies. There

Why should I go to church?

Barna reports that one in three practicing Christians has stoppped attending church. The report divides COVID-era Christians into at least three categories: (1) those who attend their own church digitally, (2) those who attend another church digitally, and (3) those who no longer attend any church digitally. Each of these three categories represents a third of those surveyed.