Finding the holy in everyday life

Finding Holy in the Suburbs IVP - October 2018 - $16.00 How can we be holy when our lives are a mess? [inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="" suffix=""]I doubt that any of us is today precisely where we thought we'd be when we were, say, eighteen. Our lives play out in ways we never thought they would.[/inlinetweet] … Continue reading Finding the holy in everyday life

Five reasons I won’t be seeing The Hobbit

Jackson's undertaking was satisfying on a certain level. Very few in the academy consider Tolkien's work to be literature in the high culture sense of the word. It's an incredible book that's incredibly well-loved by many people--perhaps the kiss of death for academia--and it's also loathes by others. It was satisfying to see someone acknowledging the greatness of Tolkien's work.