Answers to 5 multi-site objections

The nation's largest churches are now churches that meet across several sites. Some criticize the practice. Is there merit in their objections?

How gay Christians are changing the church

Eve Tushnet writes at The American Conservative about how the experience of Gay Christians is changing the church. "Coming Out Christian" is worth your time, even if you find yourself not wholly agreeing with it. The article demonstrates how faithful gay Christians are changing the way in which the church thinks about same-sex attraction.

The frozen chosen?

Heating building--generally--is a rather less efficient business than cooling them. It costs a lot of money, especially in buildings designed prior to the advent of modern central heating. This is problem that evangelicals in North America have little experience with, at least where I live. Our buildings are custom-designed for the maximum comfort of parishioners--climate controlled, theater seating, you name it. Elsewhere, it's a real challenge.

The virtue of self-acceptance

Self-acceptance means coming to the place where you're able to accept yourself as you are. You can only get there through coming to accept God's unconditional electing love that chose you just as you are not on the basis of your idealized self or even your future self. No. God saved you because he loves you. And he loves you because he saved you. File that under the category of "mystery."

The unlived life

Everyone has dreams. Some abandon them. Others embrace them. Some try and fail. Others fail to try. Many find a new success in their failures. It wasn't the success they thought they'd experience. It was a peculiar success whose genesis lay in the failure of their first dream.