[Series] Caring for depressed friends

In this series, I offer thirteen things to do or not do as you care for a friend with depression. I'm basing the series on the work of Timothy Rogers (1658-1728) who was a minister and astute observer of depression both in himself and in those under his pastoral care. He wrote a treatise entitled A discourse concerning trouble of mind, and the disease of melancholy (1691). It is incredibly insightful, especially when you consider that it was penned prior to the beginning of what we might call, "modern medicine." I'll post each Tuesday. If you're interested in receiving posts directly to your inbox make sure and subscribe by following the link to the right. We'll begin tomorrow with by discussing the difference between spiritual and physical depression.

I am Robin Williams

There's been no shortage of opinion about the suicide death of Robin Williams at the tender age of 63. Many have pointed out Williams' immense talent both in comedic acting and also in more serious ventures (like his amazing performances in "Dead Poets' Society" and "Good Will Hunting"). Many have pointed to his struggles with alcohol and drug … Continue reading I am Robin Williams

Five great books on discipleship

I've made a list of five books on discipleship that we written in my lifetime and that I continue to come back to as I consider how to be a fully devoted follower (disciple) of Jesus.