Five practices to mend the missional disconnect

Those who know me well realize that there is more than a little of the curmudgeon in me. Something that is increasingly annoying is the proliferation of the word "missional." I suppose the history of mission meant that some new word needed to replace "missionary," hence the advent of missional. Frankly, I think it confuses … Continue reading Five practices to mend the missional disconnect

The unlived life

Everyone has dreams. Some abandon them. Others embrace them. Some try and fail. Others fail to try. Many find a new success in their failures. It wasn't the success they thought they'd experience. It was a peculiar success whose genesis lay in the failure of their first dream.

Making a life or making a living?

Imagine sitting down with a financial planner and in addition to totaling your bank accounts and mapping your investments, you also mapped your significant relationships and explored your relationship to your home.

Can the gospel reunite a divided country?

Christianity, according to Rhee, is poised to play a pivotal role in the work of reconciliation in the Korean peninsula. It is difficult to know how this will actually play out, but we can be hopeful that the witness of the church can provide a framework for the difficult work of reconciliation.

Who is my neighbor?

On Saturday I experienced a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. After spending the morning doing various things to serve our downtown community, members of our church went out and invited everyone they met to have lunch with us. Many came.