Emotions are the enemy of nuance

Carl Trueman has a helpful post, actually it's the preface for a forthcoming book, at the Gospel Coalition: We live in an age when the challenges to Christianity, theological and practical (if one can separate such), are pressing in from all sides. Perhaps the most obvious challenge is the issue of homosexuality. Given the high … Continue reading Emotions are the enemy of nuance

Can only followers of Jesus Christ be saved?

"Only followers of Jesus Christ can be saved." This tricky little statement appears on the Presbyterian Panel Study, a statistical sample of responses to a set of questions posed to PC (USA) teaching elders, ruling elders, and members over a three year period. Less than 50% of respondents typically agree or strongly agree with that statement. This often … Continue reading Can only followers of Jesus Christ be saved?

Why God created the world

[T]he creation of all good things in the world for the benefit and enjoyment of humans is not...an end in itself, but is rather the way God initially reveals to humankind that he is the author and fountain of every good thing. Our use and enjoyment of the good things of creation is not intended … Continue reading Why God created the world